Our Amazing Team

Hello, Welcome to The Private Chef.!
I am pleased to introduce you to each of the members of our wonderful team who have been making this experience a reality every day for the past 8 years.
We are a Brotherhood of Professionals and Passionate to the Culinary World with different cultural and artistic profiles that with experience over the years we have proven to be a really amazing experience in our area.
We are Ready!
Royner Abarca Umaña


Professional & International Chef

I have been working in Gastronomy for 25 years.

-Studied Culinary Techniques in Santiago de Chile.

-Chef Supervisor and Trainer in Marriot Hotels chain in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Spain and Costa Rica.

-Head Chef at Hotel Vista Celestial.

-Chef and Owner at Five Senses Restaurant (Vegetarian Cuisine).

-Chef at Arenas del Mar Beach Front Boutique Hotel.


Mixologist and Gastronomic Server

I have 9 years of experience in Food and Beverage.

-I worked as a Mixologist and Waiter at Hotel Boutique Kurá .

-Also at the Hotel Vista Celestial as Mixologist and Waiter.

Currently I have 3 years working at The Private Chef

I am a very helpful, proactive, practical and interactive person, I love to learn about the gastronomic world, enjoy rivers and waterfalls, ride my motorcycle, listen to music and enjoy time with my family.

Pd: I am also a good dancer!

The Private Chef has been one of the best work experiences I had, knowing different places, new people every day and of course the satisfaction of seeing our customers and friends taste and enjoy our culinary roots in an unforgettable way, in short is what I enjoy most of what we do in this Culinary Family.

My goal for our clients is to make them feel at home with all the comforts and to be able to provide them with a unique cultural, personal and professional experience.»


Experienced Chef & Pastry Chef

I have been 11 years working in Gastronomy.

– Head Chef in Diferent Private Companies.
-Restaurant Kaku, Sous Chef.
-Pujol Martin, Head Chef.

-I have 8 years working with «The Private Chef». I enjoy sharing with many people from different cultures.

My goal is to give them a unique experience and take our gastronomy engraved in their hearts.

I love pastries, cakes and baking.

Pd:I also make handmade candles!.

On a professional level, I describe myself as a simple and humble person.

I believe the Humility is very important in this path (humility takes you far).
I enjoy every moment and every detail to the fullest.

I love to discover new places, make exercise, I love share with everyone and very important detail is that I express my gratitude through food.

Juan Pablo

Experienced Chef

I have been working in Gastronomy for 10 years.

Before «The Private Chef» I worked as a Head Chef in Sibú Restaurant.

I am a native of Playa Hermosa, Bahia Ballena. I have 31 years old & Everybody calls me «JP».

I love working at The Private Chef because I meet new people every day and I have a direct relationship with them which allows me to express my dishes with all my creativity. 

My goal is that all our customers live an unforgettable experience through our gastronomy.

I consider myself patient, responsible, calm, hardworking, dreamer and I always achieve what I set out to do. 

On a professional level I describe myself as a responsible person, committed to work and to the company I work for, a perfectionist.

I like to take everything to the next level.



Chef – Mixologist & Gastronomic Server

I have around of 12 years of experience in Food & Beverage.

– Manoas Yoga Retreat (Manager & Chef.)

– Vista ballena (Waiter-Concierge)

I am originally from Bahia Ballena, I have 28 years old.

In Private Chef I found the perfect match.  I enjoy every service as if it was my first day of work, I love to meet different people, cultures and places every day and be able to share a little bit of our culture in every service. 

-My whole life has been related to the world of food and beverage; always driven by my passion for art. 

– On a professional level I consider myself a proactive person, always ready for a different challenge, I enjoy going the extra mile, although I sin of being a bit controlling in my search for perfection. 

-My goal is always to help make the customer’s experience unforgettable in every way. To create a smile and a «see you next time» to satisfy you again in the future…


Digital Marketer – Mixologist & Gastronomic Server

I have been working in Food & Beverage for 7 years.

-I worked as a F&B Manager in El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel.

-Mixologist & Waiter in Arenas Del Mar Beach Front Boutique Hotel.

-Mixologist in Oxigen Jungle Villas.

-General Manager at Los Barriles Uvita.

I am originally from Ciudad Neily (border with Panama).

I consider myself a proactive person and perhaps with a little excess of creativity and imagination.

I like to go beyond the regular standards and I enjoy the cultural and ideological exchange that this kind of work offers us.

I am a music lover and musician, in my free days I usually make presentations in different places with my band and my friends.

I love making new friendships and connections, sharing and creating unique moments with the people around.


Experienced Chef

I have 4 years of experience in Haute Cuisine.

-I worked at El Castillo Boutique Luxury Hotel for about 2 years.
-Currently I have been cooking for Oxygen Jungle Villas in their Boutique Restaurant.

I am from Perez Zeledon, I have 23 years old.

I enjoy being able to innovate in Costa Rican cuisine with different national and international techniques based on local products and that our customers can take away an excellent culinary experience from us.

I am a very open person to learn and I give the best of me to satisfy each of our customers and friends.

I am one of the newest people in The Private Chef with about 9 months working in this amazing family.



Mixologist & Gastronomic Server 

I have been working in Gastronomy for 12 years.

-I worked at Hotel Kura Villas Design
Bartender – Waiter

-Also at Hotel Oxygen Jungle Villas
Food and Beverage Manager


I am originally from Parrita and I am 30 years old.

I consider myself a person who always wants more and enjoys life.
What I like most about working with «The Private Chef» is to be able to deliver a unique experience, and exceed the expectations of clients used to this kind of service.
My 12 years of experience have gone hand in hand with studies in every branch of F&B. I’ve had the opportunity to train in every branch of the restaurant business. I have had the opportunity to train as a Professional Bartender, Etiquette and Protocol, Barista, Hawaina Cocktail.
In addition to Hotel Administration and Effective Restaurant Management.

My family is my main source of energy, I spend most of my time with them.
I love traveling, good food and riding my bike.

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Mixologist & Gastronomic Server 

I have 5 years of experience in Food and Beverage.

-Bowie’s Point, Jaco, Waitress

-Kakú Restaurant, Waitress

I am from Perez Zeledon, I have 21 years old.

I consider myself a charismatic woman, brave, funny, hardworking, hyperactive, very sentimental, devoted to my family and friends, committed to work, always eager to learn new things and very loving. 

I like that in «The Private Chef» I can meet new people, see how they enjoy our country, our nature, our gastronomy, be part of their special moments like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, make those moments unforgettable for them, that fills me with joy.

Personally I always strive to make them feel that I am a friend, that their moments are enjoyable and that they want to return to our country and our area. 

I am also a tour guide of the conservation area of OSA certified by the ICT, specializing in whale watching (WHALES AND DOLPHINS) and snorkeling in the Biological Reserve Caño Island. 

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We hired them for a full day breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert. This was our favorite day in Costa Rica aside from our quad tour. They were so much fun so down to earth. Every meal got better and better. We are big food people and I can attest that their food was fresh innovative fun and above all delicious! Worth every penny!
Shannon Mayot
Shannon Mayot
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7 wonderful breakfasts. 4 amazing dinners I’m not vegan but the group was a vegan trip and I thought I was going to starve. I enjoyed eveything they made Highly recommend there services to all who vacation here and want a chef at your vacation home/villa vegan or carnivore 🙂
Anastasia Martin
Anastasia Martin
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We hired The Private Chef to come and cook one breakfast and two dinners while we stayed in Dominical last week. Unbelievable freshness and quality were offered up to us! Each recipe was beyond delicious and the presentation was top-notch restaurant caliber. I have never had the pleasure of having a Chef come to prepare gourmet food for me at home, and I was not let down at all by this experience. We had different Chefs each time, but every dish was fantastic and I would recommend this company and their skilled staff if you're looking for a next-level private dining experience!
James Faghmous
James Faghmous
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We had an amazing experience with Uvita Private Chef! The food was AMAZING and service was too notch. The people couldn't be kinder and friendlier. We used them for 5 dinners and 2 breakfasts. Everything tasted amazing! The tuna tartar was out of this world. The Passion fruit chicken was amazing. And the arepas were delicious. If you are looking for amazing meals and amazing service you must go with Uvita Private Chef!
Jay El Vee
Jay El Vee
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I can’t say enough about the delicious food, the creativity, the variety, the freshness and quality. Hands down the best food and service I experienced in Costa Rica. I wanted to pack them up and bring them home! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+
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